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It's where you come from and where you go back to on a daily basis - after work, a holiday, visiting friends and more, our final and relieving destination is home.


That first step we take into our homes, regardless of where we've just come from , our current mood or what our minds are telling us we've got to get on with - "there's no place like home". 

As you step in and close the front door, you shut all negativity out with you. You feel safe. Comfortable. Confident. Calm.

For years, we've been creating our own scents, wax melts and candles for different rooms, seasons and occasions.


The batch that sits very fondly in our hearts will be our own wedding favour candles. They're so precious to us and we only light them on our anniversary each year to ensure they last longer. 

We want to share these feelings with you now. Whether it is for a yourself, a special someone, your kitchen or a special occasion we have something for you to experience the power of scents and tailor them to your own preference. 

At Parfum Lab, we hand the power to you. It's up to you. We've created a range of ready poured candles but also offer a custom scent service too!

We get inspired by everything and anything and always looking to improve this service as we grow so do ensure you join us on our journey as we grow!



Whilst our purpose is to blend cultures and scents to create a new enhanced meaning of 'home' we also strive to ensure we are behaving ethically and environmentally friendly. 

That's why we try to minimise the use of unnecessary packaging without compromising your packaging experience.

If there is anything else we can try and improve on please do let us know!

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