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A perfect gift ready box for any occasion. 


This is part of our Light & Bloom Collection. Once the candle is used up (or before), you simply plant this and watch your label compost into beautiful wildflower candles. It gives it that extra memorable gift touch. 


Choose from 4 fragrance options to create the perfect spiritually uplifting gift for a loved one. 


This box will include: 


1 25cl Wooden Wick & Seeded Plantable Label Qur'an verse candle. 
1 Matchstick container 
1 Greeting Card of choice
1 Pack of luxury scented wax melts
1 Gift Box with Shredded Paper


If you would like a specific quote/dua/print to replace the designs we have on our listing please do not hesitate to get in touch for us to make this.

Luxury Islamic Gift Set | Greeting Card Included | Gift Box Ready | Quran Verse

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