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Gift a special family or friend member with this memorable personalised scented candle as a gift one will never forget.

We have been making scented candles as a hobby and then for family and friends for over 7 years and have experimented with endless equipment.

Choose from a wide variety of scents to personalise your candle. Finally, add in the custom text to complete the labelling.


For this candle - instead of 'Ayman or Safia', please insert your preferred name in the text box.


Choose from a range of 5 scents to finish your hand poured personalised candle.


We also include a Candle Care 101 Card to help maintain the scent and quality of the candle with your order.


All our candles are made using premium soy wax.


This allows for a clean burn whilst maintaining a high level of hot and cold scent throw. The candle burn time is approximately 39/40 hours (subject to following the candle care guide).

Personalised Arabic Name Soy Scented Candle

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